Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Outfit + update on life!

Hi everyone!!  Long time no blog - I really must apologise for my extended absence from blogging, life just got crazy busy for me in January and February.  I was taking a summer subject at uni, working on the weekends, writing a research report for my summer subject, first aid volunteering, organising book donations for some recent graduates that are going to work in the Pacific for a few weeks, trying to fit in exercise (I ran my first ever 10km last week!!!!) and socialising and I just had no time to write any posts.

I'm back at uni now, as of yesterday, and it looks like this semester will be pretty full on (we're off campus on placements for six weeks, so for the six we do have on campus, the timetable is pretty full!  Six lectures a day sometimes!  Makes me feel like falling asleep just thinking about it haha!)  I think every uni student probably says this at the start of every semester, but I think this semester I will try to put in a big effort to try to improve my marks a little.  My marks are o.k. and I think I will graduate with honours, but at this stage I am still undecided as to where I want to go career wise so I'd like to have the option of pursuing post-grad study (probably a PhD), but I think my marks at the moment might not be good enough to get a scholarship.

Anyway, enough boring talk about uni...here is what I wore to uni today:
Cardi - Temt; Dress - Jay Jays; Footless tights - Target; Flats - Country Road
The dress was actually a playsuit/romper thing that I bought a while ago from Jay Jays.  I really liked the print, but disliked the idea of having to strip off completely to go the loo, so I pulled out the sewing machine and altered it into a dress!  I was quite proud of myself, haha!

The weather in Melbourne is so gloomy at the moment, hopefully there will be some more sunshine soon.  It was only about 16 degrees when I left the house this morning and I almost thought of taking a winter coat, but then I thought, no I'll look silly carrying a coat around on the first day of Autumn, but I think I nearly needed it!

Hopefully sometime this week, I'll cobble together a montage of recent purchases (although I'm trying really hard to save since I opened a uBank savings account, so there won't be all that many).

Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. What are you studying at uni? :)
    And thanks for your comment, I know I'll get used to it.. I'm just so used to going to a smaller uni where I was so comfortable!

  2. You're so crafty! I wish I knew how to work a sewing machine lol. Sometimes, I see nice clothes and they could be better with a bit of tweaking around but then I realise I can't do it :(

  3. I love the print of that dress, it really suits you! :)

  4. Yayyyy for sewing!!! Well done it looks fab <3


  5. Congrats on the 10kms! And I know what you mean about 'start of uni/will get better marks' train of thought, I'm sure you can do it :)

  6. If you are passing with honours and can get into Honours, then as long as you do well and somebody wants to take you on you will be eligible for a PhD. I haven't seen any PhD candidates picked based entirely on Uni results. So don't worry. :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Krissy, I'm studying a health science course, but not medicine. I don't really want to say exactly what so I can remain anonymous, lol! :P

    1940house, my course doesn't have an honours year, our honours is based entirely on grades. And apparently around 50% of students graduate with honours (so it probably doesn't mean all that much), but I think I have one or two potential supervisors, who are interested in different areas, so I think I am ok from that point of view (plus there is some option as far as what area I want to do research in). Thanks for the advice! :)

  8. So impressed by the sewing! Very clever :)

    PS I love the title of your blog lol


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