Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm

I received this a while ago when Burt's Bees had a promotion that if you signed up to their mailing list you got a free lip balm.  I wasn't that impressed to begin with as it had an odd grainy texture (similar to the Nivea Light Kiss balm I referred to previously).  I also had a bit of an accident which resulted in the end becoming all smooshed.

It did feel quite moisturing though and it is nicely scented (passionfruit!! yummy!!) so I decided to see if I could fix the grainy texture by remelting it.  It seems to have worked.  Obviously as this balm is in tube form, you need a suitable container to melt it in.  I just washed out the empty pot from the Nivea balm I have just finished.

Hmm, not sure why this is sideways....
It is only SPF 8 though, so I will probably switch to something with a higher SPF in Summer.


  1. I agree, I didn't really like the grainy texture but I found it was a really good exfoliator.

    I used mine at night so when I'd wake up in the morning my lips would be silky smooth.


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