Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinner at Sebel Heritage + Outfit

Hello again,
My brother had his university graduation ceremony on Saturday, so we went out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate.  It was a bit last minute so we ended up going to the Bella Restaurant at Sebel Heritage in Yarra Valley.  It was quite nice and fancy although I forgot to take pictures of my main (ricotta filled zuchini flowers with a tomato based sauce) and only got photos of desserts.

This is what I wore:

Dress - Forever New; Heart Stockings - Sportsgirl; Shoes - Siren; Bag - Etsy; Bracelet - Mimco

My brother and I both had a dark chocolate and pistachio fondant with vanilla icecream and honeycomb.  The fondant was nice and gooey in the middle, yum!

My sister had a strawberry romanoff with meringues.

Mum had a vanilla and lavendar panna cotta with caramelised nectarines.

Thanks for reading!

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