Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share some of my recent shoe purchases (over the past month or so).  I should mention, I pretty much live in ballet flats.  Heels aren't exactly uni attire and when I'm at work I'm on my feet the entire time so flats are the way to go!

I'm slowly trying to replace my cheap crappy shoes from places like Rubi with better quality ones.  As much as I like cute inexpensive shoes, they aren't very comfortable to walk around in all day and don't tend to last very long.

L-R: Witchery Angie flats, Witchery Pippy flats, Country Road Leticia flats, Country Road Leticia cut out flats
I purchased the Country Road flats in the pre-Christmas sales and the Witchery flats in post-Christmas sales haha!  The black CR flats are suede so I'll have to get around to waterproofing them so they don't get ruined if it rains.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Country Road shoes - heels & flats - have been by far some of the most comfy shoes I own!
    I've worn one particular pair of CR flats to death yet I can bear to get rid of them..I need to restock in the sales I think :)

  2. I really like the flats so far, but I will have to try some heels next time I'm looking for a pair. :)


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