Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Outfit + Sportsgirl Cleopatra Sandals

Hello everyone!

Today was another day at the "office" aka uni for me!  The weather in Melbourne hasn't been very Summery so I opted for something a little warmer today.

Knit - Sportsgirl; Jeans - Levis; Flats - Witchery
I borrowed the knit from my sister (one of the many advantages of having a twin sister is having double the wardrobe options!), it has cute little hearts embroidered all over it.

On my way home I popped into Sportsgirl to have a look for some Summer sandals.  I wanted something which I could wear in hot weather, but that is a little bit nicer than thongs.  I had a look in Boxing Day sales and never found anything I liked, but I saw the Ornella sandals on the Sportsgirl website last night and decided to check them out.

Image sourced from www.sportsgirl.com.au
I didn't really like the enclosed back part so I decided to try on the Cleopatra sandals instead.  I would have prefered something in black as it would probably be a more versatile colour and I wear a lot of black anyway, but I ended up getting the Cleopatra sandals in the brown colour.  I think they will look cute with some denim shorts or a pretty sundress, if Summer ever returns.  Plus they were on sale, haha!

Sportsgirl Cleopatra Sandals
Nail polish is Ulta3 Watermelon, in case anyone is wondering.  It's really hard to take nice pics of your own feet, so here is a better pic from the SG website:
Image sourced from www.sportsgirl.com.au
Thanks for reading!


  1. That knit is so adorable! I wish I had a sister to borrow clothes off!

    I nominated you for a stylish blogger award! Details at autumn-castle.blogspot.com xx

  2. good choice going with the brown! I'll have to pop into Sportsgirl during lunch today for a look myself =)

  3. Ooh lovely sandals! I found some gorrrrgeous sandals at Valleygirl and Temt...if you ever go to those stores, check our their sandals, soo pretty :)

  4. I bought the very same sandals yesterday in bronze. They look great. Just got them in the nic of time for $35 as sale finishes tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks for reading ladies! Anon, I liked the broze too but could only find brown in my size. Going through my shoes today I realised I have a lot of black shoes already so it was probably good to get the brown ones and not the black pair I was originally considering.


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