Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thursday and Friday Outfits

Hello everyone,
I didn't get a chance to upload pics of what I wore from Thursday and Friday during the week but I have some spare time this afternoon.

On Thursday I decided to branch out from my usual uniform of jeans and a black top (this is what I wear for casual wear probably around 90% of the time) and go for a lighter colour top.  It's still quite a neutral shade.  I feel weird wearing bright colours, haha!

Top - MNG Basics; Jeans - Levis; Shoes - Witchery
The sleeves on this top have a cute ruffle/puff/something detail (but are a pain in the bum to iron!)  For any slightly shorter than average ladies looking for skinny jeans, I highly recommend the Levi's "Jeggings" style.  I know, I know, jeggings are ghastly, but these are actual jeans (i.e. made of denim, not whatever cheap stretch fabric jeggings are made of) and have a zip, five pockets etc.  I just thought I should clarify that, haha!  Anyway, I am 163cm tall (roughly) and I find it impossible to find jeans which are short enough for me.  They're always too long and by the time you turn them up or hem them (I hate the look of too-long pants bunched up around your ankles), they're not really skinny anymore as you loose the tapered effect at the ankle.  As you can see, these are the perfect length for me!

On Friday I resumed my normal boring outfit choice of black, haha!  It was hot on Friday, but this tshirt is quite loose so I didn't swelter too badly.

Top - Jeanswest; jeans - MNG
It has some cute fluttery sleeves too!

I've been reading the fashion challenges thread on Vogue Forums and I'm thinking maybe I should come up with a fashion challange for the month of February.  I don't want to do the "uniform" challenge (wearing the same thing everyday for a month or whatever) because I think I already wear similar things most days as it is.  Maybe I'll try to wear a different top everyday or different accessories or something.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks for reading!!

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