Saturday, January 1, 2011

Xmas, New Year etc.

Hello everyone!!!  Long time no see!
Apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few weeks but uni placement, Xmas, work etc just took over my life!

I hope you all had a good Christmas.  Mine was nice and quiet, just with immediate family plus my grandma.  My family doesn't really go crazy for Christmas, just a nice lunch and small gifts for eachother.
Our Christmas tree
I got a new digital camera from my parents, a handbag from my sister and an iTunes voucher plus a refill for my Filofax diary from my brother.

Xmas presents
 On Boxing Day, I headed over to Doncaster after work but I didn't really see much that interested me.  I ended up just getting some underwear from Target, a tshirt from MNG, a bracelet from Mimco and some jeans (which weren't even on sale).  I went to Greensborough on Tuesday and picked up some tshirts at Rebel Sport which were 50% off (I got five tshirts for less than $55) and a dress from Dotti which was $30 marked down from $80.  Overall, I thought the sales were pretty "meh" and I think I probably found some better bargains in pre-Christmas sales rather than after.

Then for New Years I went to a pool party at a friends place.  Was quite nice and I got to see some high school people I haven't seen for a while.

I usually don't really keep New Year Resolutions, but here are mine anyway (maybe now they've been immortalised on the internet, I'll have more motivation to keep to them, haha!!):

1. Exercise a minimum of 3 times per week and download the bridge to 10k app and hopefully work my way up to 1 hour of jogging.  I'd also like to try some different types of exercise, maybe swimming or yoga or cycling.
 2. Reach my goal weight (2.1kg to go, hopefully should get there by March) and stay at or around my goal weight.
3. Eat healthier and continue to bring lunches from home rather than buying at work/uni (too expensive).
4. Build up a decent amount of savings. I bought my first car in August and have been broke ever since!
5. Find a graduate intern position (I think I am already on my way towards this....the hospital I did my placement at in December said they would like me to apply there for my pre-registration internship and I am seriously considering it!)
6. Maintain my current average mark at uni (or improve) so I can hopefully graduate with honours.
7. Go on a holiday (I haven't been out of Melbourne since Jan 2008).

Happy New Year to all of you!!


  1. Love your resolutions! I think mine are similar too! I just noticed the bridge to 10k app that you mentioned, adn I think it was on your blog that I first read about the c25k app, which has really improved my motivation and fitness, and I'm currently on week 7! :D So thankyou for inspiring me haha!
    Also random question - did you get stitches alot when you were running on c25k? I do all the time and its the worst!!

  2. Hi Krissy, thanks for commenting!
    I used to get stitches at the beginning but then I read somewhere that drinking a lot of water while you're running gives you stitches (I used to drink 400-600mls of water per workout), espeicially if it's chilled water. When I read that, I changed to just drinking small sips just if my mouth gets dry while I'm running and then I drink lots after I've finished running to rehydrate. And now I don't get stitches anymore.

    Good luck!

  3. I love your Mimco bracelet! I just recently bought a wallet from there and wow, they do have beautiful items! (though a bit expensive for my student funds). And your resolutions are a bit similar to mine! I've been a couch potato ever since I finished highschool. Need. To. Motivate. Self.


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