Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Present - Mimco

Monday of this week was my 21st birthday.  I was unfortunate enough to have an exam on my birthday (and one the day after - thanks Monash!) so it was a fairly boring, study filled day, however it was brightened by the lovely gift I received from my super awesome twin sister!  As Faux Fuchsia would say, "Behold The Magnificance!":

And inside:
She knew I had had my eye on the mesh bracelets from Mimco for ages!  The matte black one is gorgeous and the iridescent one is super shiny (the photo doesn't do it justice).  The French champagne picolo was a nice surprise too!  I haven't drank it yet as I want to share it with my sister and I was in exam (i.e. no alcohol) mode since our birthday until yesterday (my last exam) and now she is starting to prepare for hers, so we will wait until after her exams and then drink it together!

The box it came in is really nice too, I think I will use it to store some of my jewellery as it will look nice on my bedside table.

It's hard to believe I am 21 now, I honestly don't really feel any different.  Perhaps that's because I didn't have a big, crazy 21st party like most people do.  It's just very difficult to organise that kind of thing at this time of year, especially seeing as our friends all go to different universities and very one is starting/finishing exams at different times.

Thank you for reading and a big thank you and hugs to my lovely sister as well! (If you are reading this....get back to work!!! Haha, she is supposed to be studying!)


  1. i love those bracelets. is the iridescent one purple?

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    21 is a good age, enjoy it. ps: i love those gold Mimco boxes :)

  3. Anon, it kind of looks purple or green depending on the light - so pretty!

    iowntoomuch, thank you! :)


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