Sunday, November 28, 2010

NOTD: Ulta3 Black Plum + Weekend

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a great weekend!

Today's nails are Ulta3 Black Plum - a gorgeous vampy plum with metallic red shimmer!!  I know it's almost summer but the gloomy Melbourne weather we've been having lately is making me go for darker shades.  I promise I'll bust out some brighter ones once the weather picks up!

Ulta3 Black Plum Nail Polish

My weekend has been fairly boring: worked on Saturday, then picked my sister up from work and went to go vote.  I spent the rest of the day hanging around in exercise gear waiting for it to stop raining for long enough so I could go for a run, but it never did.  Today I slept in, went for a run, made a vanilla slice (no pics because the custard part didn't set properly so it was a bit of an oozing mess) and some scones for afternoon tea (which ended up being supper because people didn't arrive until 8.30).  One of my friends from high school is leaving for Malaysia and Vietnam on Wednesday (so jealous!!) so we all wanted to catch up before he leaves.

My run today was pretty good, I think I'm getting faster as I ran about 4.5km today (compared to around 4km when I first got to the half hour mark). I kept slowing down today though because it is hard rubbish collection in my suburb at the moment so I was slowing down to look at what people are throwing out - I saw an eliptical cross trainer a few days ago but it was gone today so I guess someone must've taken it.  My dad was going to throw out a microscope kit from the 70's or 80's that he found somewhere around the house.  Luckily, I intervened in time!!!  I know, I'm a huge nerd, haha!  I think the light globe is broken so I'll have to see if I can fix that so I can look at cool things under my vintage microscope!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. How many ulta3's do you have exactly? :P Your flash is very strong and bright, I'm certain, since it makes Black Plum look very light and well...plummy. For me it looks a little more blackened and darker.

    Do you like Brandy Wine? I have a feeling you'd like it. Or at least, that it would suit your skin tone very nicely. :)

  2. Joan, I think I have about 20. I'll slowly make my way through all of them.

    I agree, the colour is quite a bit darker in real life. I don't have Brandy Wine but I will look for it, next time I go Ulta3 shopping (after I finish P20P).

  3. I love that colour! My current favourite deep red polish is Essie Sole Mate.

  4. I have never tried Essie polishes before, but thank you for the tip! I will have a look next time I'm in Myer. :)


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