Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Back in my Running Shoes

These are my running shoes:

Just my old Asics X trainers which I've had for probably about 7-8 years.
 I put them back on today for the first time in almost a month and went for a run.  I told myself that I'd be happy to get to 20 minutes, but I managed to push myself through another 10 minutes to make it to a full half hour without stopping!  Very proud of myself!!!

Since finishing C25K, it's been a struggle to stay motivated as I feel like I don't have a set goal.  I'm thinking I may try to find a local fun run or similar in the near future and sign up for that as motivation.

I'd really like to be at my goal weight (55kgs) sometime early in the New Year (although I imagine that Christmas will be a significant obstacle standing in my way).  I'm hoping to start bikeriding again during the holidays with a friend - I think this will help with motivation as I will want to go bikeriding to avoid letting my friend down.

Thanks for reading and feel free to email me or leave a comment if you know of any good fun runs (around 5km distance) in the Melbourne Metropolitan (esp. North Eastern) region.


  1. How did you go with finishing C25k? I've just started it now and I'm really hoping it makes a difference to my fitness lol

  2. I finished it at the beginning of October! Now I'm just going to try to keep running three times a week and hopefully eventually work my way up to 45 mins or maybe even an hour (but I think that is a long way off).

    How fit are you already? I was pretty unfit so for me it made a huge difference. If you're pretty fit to begin with I'm not sure how much difference it would make.

    Good luck!!! :)


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