Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTD: Ulta3 Wildberry + Uni placement

Today's nails are Ulta3 Wildberry, a dark grey creme.  This went on nicely and was opaque in two coats.  I think it is a nice alternative to black polish for times when you want a darker nail colour without looking too gothic.

Ulta3 Wildberry nail polish
In other news, as I mentioned in my neutral nails posts, I have started a uni placement (at a hospital) on Monday.  I have really enjoyed the first two days and am looking forward to the rest.  The only downer is that my last day will be Xmas eve, so no time to do Xmas shopping!!

All the staff are very friendly and there is quite a relaxed atmosphere - they even have casual dress every Friday, so I will try to post some Friday outfits.  My "work" wardrobe is fairly boring so I apologise for the lack of outfit/fashion related posts, but hopefully I will remember to take pics this Friday.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Congrats on the placement!

    I have the same deal with work clothes and outfit posts during the week, unless anyone is interested in seeing 342 pics of suits (although sometimes I do try sneak an outfit post in before I change into my "real" clothes)

  2. Thanks Shannon! Perhaps I will do one or two work outfit posts, if I wear something nice, haha!


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