Saturday, November 6, 2010

NOTD: Ulta3 Allure nail polish

Today's nails are Ulta3 Allure.  Please excuse my disgusting looking cuticles, that's what alcohol based hand sanisters do to your skin! This polish was quite sheer - after three coats the nail line was still a teeny bit visible.
With flash - three coats plus topcoat
The past two days have been super busy for me, but I will try to post some pictures/commentary later tonight!


  1. i love all you nail colors specially from this brand. Can you tell me where i can buy it in melbourne? thanks you.

  2. Soul Pattinson on Bourke St, Creelmans Pharmacy in the Target arcade on Bourke St and Collins Place Pharmacy (top end of Collins St) have Ulta3. I've only ever looked in the CBD though so I'm not sure about stockists in the outer suburbs sorry!
    HTH :)


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