Thursday, November 11, 2010

DFO Southwharf Shopping Trip

Hi again!  Today I had to go into uni to clean out my locker and see one of my lecturers (she wrote a reference for me so I had a small gift for her + we are trying to get an article we wrote published - fingers crossed!!) so I decided afterwards to head down to Southwharf to see if I could find a better purse for my nana and return the other one that I bought.  I was able to find a better one (although it's pink, so I'm not sure if she'll like it).  Does everyone else find that, whenever you go shopping with a specific idea in mind of what you want, what you want never actually exists?  It drives me crazy!!

Needless to say, I got a bit distracted from my purse shopping agenda and purchased a few items for me along the way.

Here are the things I purchased:
Equip had a three for two special, so I purchased a ring (so cute!) and two necklaces.
Equip ring - you can see my Ulta3 Watermelon mani is still holding up as well!  I did my toes this morning too as I wore thongs today.

Equip multi-strand necklace
Equip key necklace

Metallic purple pouch thingy from Mimco - I plan to use this to put my iPod in for when I put it in my handbag so it doesn't get scratched/the headphones don't get damaged.  I don't know how many pairs of headphones I've ruined because I just tug on them to pull my iPod out from underneath everything else in my bag.

Sideways pic (sorry, I must learn how to fix this!) - the colour is a little darker than this in person.
Leak proof lunchbox for salads and other food items which I don't want dripping all over the contents of my bag!  Very practical...if it actually works!  I bought this at Howard's Storage World.

My new lunchbox!
 The Lovely Bones DVD - I read the book in Year 9 and it kind of freaked me out a little bit.  I obviously liked it though because I re-read it in about Year 11 (I think) and I saw the film when it came out in cinemas (either this year or last year, can't remember).  The book and the film were quite different, but I did like both.  I think I cried through pretty much the entire movie though!  This was on sale at JB Hifi for $12.98 - awesome!

The Lovely Bones DVD
 Two tops from Levi Jeans.  They had buy one get one free and I really liked the tshirt so I decided to get the other top as well - it's just simple, loose fitting black top so I'm sure I will be able to get plenty of wear out of it this summer.  I really liked the print of the tshirt, but it has a weird, throat constrictingly high neck line, so I may attmept to alter it to make it less so.

Sideways again!  Levis print tshirt.
Levis plain black loose fitting top
 That's all from me for now, thanks for reading!

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  1. Haha I'm always ruining headphones too, thats such a good idea to protect them.


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