Monday, November 8, 2010

NOTD: Ulta3 Watermelon + other random tidbits

Today's nails are Ulta3 Watermelon.  The name says it all, really - it is exactly the colour of watermelon!  Gorgeous colour which I predict will be on high rotation for me this summer.

With flash - this colour is a little lighter than this in person
This was two coats plus a topcoat.  It almost doesn't need the topcoat as it has a really nice sheen to it, but I just added the topcoat in the hopes that I will get an extra 1-2 days of wear out of it.

I had a really great sleep in this morning and in the afternoon went shopping at Westfield Doncaster to look for a dress for my mum to wear to her work Christmas party/my brother's uni graduation.  She didn't end up buying anything and neither did I.  I did try a nice fragrance in Myer - Ralph Lauren's Summer Romance.  I have the original version of Romance and I'm almost finished it, so perhaps I will put Summer Romance on my Christmas wishlist!

Also, I hopped on the scales this morning perparing for the worst (as this would be the first time weighing myself since before swot vac and exams started) and was surprised to find that I had lost 0.1kg, despite eating pretty badly (not junk food, but just snacking a lot throughout the day, especially on days where I stayed home all day) and doing pretty minimal amounts of exercise.  I'm not really counting 0.1kg as a loss, I was just shocked as I thought I would have gained at least 2kg.  Time to start cracking the whip again and get back into running as I'm only 3kgs away from my goal so it would be nice to reach it by the end of the year.

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