Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mimco Shopping + Outfit of the Day

Hello everyone!
Mimco has 20% off storewide at the moment so I went into the city to meet up with my sister after her exam finished as she had a bag on laybay and wanted to pay it off today so she could get 20% off.

I have my eye on a few pieces of jewellery so I decided to get something today to take advantage of the sale.  So it got....

The Curb Chain bracelet in Matte Black
Better pic sourced from
I really like the Matte Black chain, I think it's just something a bit different!  I have a few other things on my wishlist but I'm not doing great in the finance department so they will have to wait.

I also purchased this ring from Sportsgirl:

I wore this beaded tshirt/top thing from Jeanswest:

Wow, I am super pale in this photo!

Various e.g. Diva etc.
Bracelet on my left arm is the Mimco Curb Chain.  Bracelet on my right was a Christmas gift from my sister from Etsy.  This is one of my favourite accessories - I wear it all the time!  Will have to get a better pic.

You can also see the mani I did earlier today - I was in a rush so I went with a quick dry polish: Cutex's 60 Seconds Supershine in 038 Galaxy.  It did not dry in 1 minute, let alone 15 minutes!  So it ended up super lumpy and dinted after I zipped up my jeans.

On the way home, we grabbed something to eat at the new German bakery in Melbourne Central.  At first we thought they were just speaking with German accents as part of the act so we were daring each other to say something to the sales assistant in German, but then while they were making my coffee we heard them actually speaking German, so luckily I didn't say anything, otherwise I would have been so embarassed haha!  We have been waiting for this bakery to open for months (or however long they have been renovating it) - I seriously checked to see if it was open almost everytime I was in the city (haha, is that a little bit sad?).  I think this is due to the combination of our German heritage and our love of bakery goods.

Anyway, we tried a salted pretzel, plum and quark pastry (quark is kind of like a cream cheese/curd/yoghurt type dairy product), marzipan pastry and hazelnut triangle (not all at once though, haha!)  They were all yummy!  The pretzels are exactly like the kind you get in Germany.  Here is the website if anyone wants to drool over delicious German baked goods: Lüneburger

We are supposed to be in for wild weather down in Melbourne this weekend! Yikes!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love that bracelet! The rings looks good :)
    That website has made me hungry :D

  2. I agree with Su that bracelet is gorgeous :)

  3. I like the nail colour. That's what grabbed my eye the most. :) It stands out from the black and silver.

  4. Thanks everyone! :D
    Joan, black and silver is pretty much all I ever wear haha!! But it is nice to jazz up a plain outfit with some coloured nail polish. I think this summer, I will make an effort to wear more colours.


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