Friday, November 26, 2010

Casual Friday Outfit + New Mimco Bracelet

Hi everyone,
today was casual Friday at the hospital where I am doing my placement and this is what I wore:

Casual Friday Outfit
Casual Friday Ootfit
Jeans - MNG
Top - Jeanswest
Jacket - Dotti
Scarf - Dotti

I also wore my new Mimco Dark Secret bracelet.  This arrived from the UK last week (it worked out to buy cheaper from the UK website, including shipping, than to buy from strange?  Just goes to show how we get ripped off on everything, including things made by an Australian company) but I haven't got around to posting pics yet, so here it is:

Mimco Dark Secret Bracelet
Mimco Dark Secret Bracelet
And just for fun, here is my eye makeup look from today as well:

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am lemming the Dark Secret bracelet so bad! Looks fantastic on you!

    aelie x

  2. What brand/shade is that eye shadow? I really love it. :)

  3. TBP, I used a light purple shade from the Maybelline Almond Truffles on the lid, then a medium brown from the same trio for the crease and then a charcoal shade from the Revlon Nude Elements quad to darken the outer corner a little bit. And I used MAC's Beige-ing shadestick as a base to give it some shimmer!

    HTH! :)


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