Saturday, November 6, 2010

Passionflower + After Exams Shopping Fun

My last exam was on Friday morning so after the exams a few friends and I went into the city for lunch.  The original plan was to go home and then go out in the evening, but we all agreed we would be way too tired, having had fairly limited sleep the night before due to late night studying and stressing.

For lunch we just went to a little cafe in Degraves Street.  After lunch we walked up to Passionflower in Bourke Street.  Passionflower is an icecream/dessert cafe and it was freaking amazing!!  It seriously took us almost 20 minutes to decide what we wanted, there were just so many delicious options.  We were thinking about getting two things to share between the four of us but decided to go with "Chocolate Lush" which was like a tasting plate of all the different chocolate desserts: waffles, chocolate fondue with strawberries, tiramisu, chocolate crepes with chocolate mousse filling and three different flavours of chocolate icecream.  I took photos but the Bluetooth on my computer is not working so I can't get them off my phone so you'll just have to imagine a giant plate of chocolatey goodness.  They have a lot of quirky icecream flavours too like avocado, kumquat, black sesame, burnt orange etc.  I think I will be going back there a lot in the summer.

After dessert we decided to go shopping around the city for a bit as well.  We started off having a look at Stella McCartney in Target.  I wanted to have a look at the 7/8 pants as I thought they might be nice for work, but in person I wasn't really a fan.  Plus they were pretty long and I think, due to the turned up hem, I would have to cut them to take them up.  Maybe I'll go back and try them on if they go on sale.

Despite being extremely shopping deprived due to exams and being couped up at home studying (plus having done the Salvos "Buy Nothing New Month" during October), I only purchased five things (plus a magazine for my sister and a new purse for my nanna).

These are the things I purchased:
Denim Skirt from Just Jeans - image sourced from
T-shirt from Jeans West - image souced from
Pleated cami top, also from Jeans West - image sourced from
Two rings from Diva
I think the skirt will be a good length for me in summer as I am self conscious about my bare legs but this skirt is long enough (just above the knee) that I won't have to wear leggings underneath which will be good for hot days.  I also had a gift voucher for Just Jeans which was about to expire so it was good to be able to use that up.

I don't wear t-shirts very often but I really liked the print of the t-shirt that I bought.  Plus it is black (like around 80% of my wardrobe).  When I showed my sister the cami top she remarked "Yeah, it's nice, I think I've seen it in your wardrobe before," implying that I already have something exactly like it.  That is probably true, but I like wearing black, I think it suits me.

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